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Winston Salem, North Carolina 27127

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Our Staff

Pharmacy Staff in North Carolina

South Park Family Pharmacy strives to provide only the best of services to all of its clients. For this reason, we hire only qualified, hardworking and dedicated personnel who we think will be rightful in delivering the quality you deserve. View the profiles of some of our trustworthy personnel in the facility:


Chris Council
- Pharmacist
Chris Council has been (and is) the pharmacist at South Park Family Pharmacy since opening in August 2013. He is a graduate of the UNC School of Pharmacy. Prior to coming to South Park Family Pharmacy, Chris worked in the nearby pharmacies of Revco, BiLo, and Walmart.

Chris and his qualified staff at South Park Family Pharmacy know most of the customers and take the time to greet them and make them feel welcome and appreciated. We enjoy the opportunity to serve and help our customers. In addition to giving excellent pharmacy service to our customers and promoting better Medication Management in North Carolina communities, South Park Family Pharmacy also supports several projects: We donate to and support several projects at nearby schools, support South Park Little League, provide food at Thanksgiving and help many children with gifts for their Christmas.

When not working at the pharmacy Chris enjoys traveling, watching and playing sports, yard work and family activities.


- Lead Technician
- Technician
Stephanie Staton
- Technician
Cassie Weaver
- Technician


Chessie Kepley
- Cashier
Kristen Morgan
- Cashier