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Pharmacist’s Tips to Deal With Cold and Flu

Cold and flu are two of the most common illnesses that affect people from all ages. To treat colds and flu, over-the-counter medications are available in pharmacies in North Carolina. Moreover, pharmacists can provide you with helpful tips on how to properly deal with the said illnesses. Here are some pharmacist’s tips that are worth taking to heart.

  • Pick the Right “Type” of Cold and Flu Medication

    There are two types of cold and flu medication: daytime and night-time products. Daytime products have ingredients that can keep you alert and awake. Thus, daytime products are not ideal for you to ingest at night as you won’t be able to sleep at all. The daytime product is highly recommended though when you have a cold yet you can’t afford to be drowsy during the day. Get some recommendations from the pharmacist to know which night-time and daytime cold and flu medication suits you best.

  • Start Taking Your Allergy Medication Before the Allergy Season Comes

    For people suffering from seasonal allergies, then it is a part of your medication management in North Carolina to take your allergy medication before the allergy season comes. Do not wait for the symptoms to show up before you take your medication.

  • Choose the Product that Treats Your Symptoms

    There are medications that target your specific allergy or cold symptoms. You should choose these products when you want to treat your symptom. Also, ask the pharmacists about the ideal medicinal ingredient the over-the-counter meds should have for your particular symptom.

  • Don’t Combine Cold Remedies Haphazardly

    Sometimes, you have to combine over-the-counter medications or prescription meds just to get the desired results in treating your cold and flu. Before you combine the medicines though, check out their respective ingredients first. If the two medicines have the same ingredient, you are at risk of overmedication. It is imperative to be cautious when combining remedies.

  • Read the Label

    For safety purposes, it is essential that you check the label of the medication you are planning to take for your cold and flu. One of the main reasons is so that you will know the recommended dosage as well as the length of time to take the medication. You have to take the product as directed after all.

  • Stop Harsh Nose-Blowing

    Frequent nose-blowing can be harsh to your nose. You will end up with a sore nose with it looking red and raw. If you end up having sore nose, use tissues with moisturizer. Applying a layer of petroleum jelly under the nose works well too.

  • Stay Away From Allergy Triggers

    Knowing your allergy triggers allows you to stay away from them. Allergy symptoms sometimes become life-threatening so stay away from allergy triggers even when you are on allergy medication.

Our pharmacists can provide you with more tips on how to deal with colds and flu as well as other illnesses. Visit us South Park Family Pharmacy or call us at 336-293-4755 for your questions.

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