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Pharmacists: Doing More Than Just Filling Prescriptions

Pharmacists: Doing More Than Just Filling Prescriptions

A pharmacist can do more than just prescription refill or medication management in North Carolina. There are other essential tasks that fall under this healthcare professional’s job responsibilities. Here are some of the duties that a pharmacist can do for you aside from refilling your prescription or managing your medication.


The pharmacist is highly capable of reviewing your medical records. By checking your record, they will know what medication you are taking. They will then advise you on what to do based on your record. For example, they will tell you to avoid certain medications if they have duplicate effects. Otherwise, you run the risk of overmedication.


There are medications that cause side effects. It may be a headache, severe nausea, burning sensation or skin irritation. Whatever side effects your medication has, the pharmacist should be able to deal with them. The pharmacist may also offer you options to deal with the side effects which you can then discuss with your physician.


Through the expertise of the pharmacist in pharmacology, you can determine what medication to take as well as when to take it. For example, your allergy medication may best be consumed before the allergy season comes around. Another example is when you need to get a flu shot. The pharmacist will be more than happy to provide you with the right information.


It is common for people to take supplements to ensure that the body receives enough vitamins and minerals. However, there are times when these supplements do not complement with the prescription you are given by your doctor. The pharmacist should be able to provide you with advice on whether to discontinue ingesting the supplement or not. If there is an appropriate substitute, the pharmacist will suggest it to you as well.


Sometimes, the drug prescribed to you by your doctor has a price that won’t be easy for you to pay out-of-pocket. With the pharmacist’s help, you can ask about low-cost alternatives to these expensive drugs. If there aren’t any generic brands you can use an alternative to your prescription medication though, the pharmacist may provide advice on other alternatives for payment (i.e. insurance, Medicare).

These are just some of the pharmacy services you can expect the pharmacist to provide you with. South Park Family Pharmacy offers more than just the aforementioned services though. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 336-293-4755. We are more than happy to assist you.

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