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What You Need to Know About Over-the-Counter Drugs

What You Need to Know About Over-the-Counter Drugs

There are over-the-counter drugs for just about anything we can imagine, from pain relief to dealing with common illnesses. However, since there are so many different kinds of drugs that are available, how would you know which meds are the best for you? There are also generic and brand name options that you will want to consider when choosing to buy health products. We hope that this guide can help you figure out the best medications to purchase based on your budget or health condition:

  • Generic vs. Brand Name:

    One of the more common dilemmas people have when they are shopping for over-the-counter medications is, whether they should go for a generic medication or for a brand name drug. After all, when you are buying medicine, you will want to purchase the safest but most effective version. Typically, you will want to stick to the generics. Generic medications offer the same level of effectiveness and safety as brand name meds, without the expensive price tag. So unless your doctor specified a particular brand name drug, it is wiser to choose a generic alternative.

  • Pharmacists:

    If you are confused on what kind of medications that you should get, it will not hurt to talk to one of our pharmacists after all this is why they are here. Our pharmacists are all friendly and highly experienced professionals that will guide you to the best medications at the best prices for you. South Park Family Pharmacy is committed to ensuring that you have accessed to the highest quality medications without having to spend a fortune. Through our Pharmacy Services, we will help you get the most suitable drugs in the market.

  • The Low Down on Generics:

    If you are wondering how generic drugs can be just as safe and effective than brand name medications, the answer is simple. Generic drugs copy the formulas of medications already developed. This means they do not have to recoup large investment and development costs that brand name drugs do, and since they are regulated just as strictly by the government, you can rest knowing that you are taking the safe medications.

Over-the-counter medications have a large impact on our daily lives and it is important to know what they are and how to get the best ones for you! We can assist you with this through our Medication Management in North Carolina. As one of the best Pharmacies in North Carolina, you cannot go wrong with our services.

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