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Must-Know: Five Reasons Why a Pharmacist Review of Your Medicine Is Important

Must-Know Five Reasons Why a Pharmacist Review of Your Medicine Is Important

If you think that reviewing your prescription with a pharmacist is unimportant, think again. There’s a reason why pharmacists are licensed by the state. They have the authority to provide medical interpretations and recommendations for the prescriptions you receive.

Our board-licensed pharmacists at South Park Family Pharmacy are friendly and experienced. You can get their valuable inputs whenever you have clarifications or questions regarding your prescriptions. You can trust our pharmacists to supply you with reliable Medication Management in North Carolina.

When you review with our pharmacists, you will have a grasp of the following crucial information:

  1. Prescription drugs may affect the current medication you’re taking.

    If you’re on a regular medication intake, all the more that you should make a review with our pharmacists. They will provide sufficient explanation on the possible effects of your prescribed medicine with the current drug you’re taking. If you also opt for generic medicines, they can also explain its difference and similarity with your prescribed drug.

  2. Prescription drugs have a generic alternative

    When our pharmacists review your prescription, they can provide details on your medicine’s purposes, risks, and other vital information. Because of this, they can suggest a generic equivalent that is as effective but not as costly. If you’re tight on budget, a generic alternative can relieve your worries off.

  3. Prescription drugs can be intimidating

    When you’re prescribed with a medicine, you may feel intimidated by its name and requirements. Even after a doctor’s explanation, you can still feel uncertain or afraid about pursuing the treatment. Fear comes when you don’t fully understand something. Our pharmacists can help clarify these confusions. When you understand the purpose of your treatment, you’ll have peace of mind.

  4. Prescription drugs can be costly

    Medication expenses can bore holes in your pocket. But with a pharmacist’s review, you can be guided to other drug options that are more affordable to you. At South Park Family Pharmacy, we can also assist you with insurance co-payments since we’re one of the Pharmacies in North Carolina that participates in most insurance plans.

  5. Prescription drugs have to be listed in personal medication record for monitoring

    Set a review with our pharmacists and they will help monitor your personal medication list. This list can be the basis of your medication monitoring when you need to consult with your doctor once again.

Relieve yourself from worrying unnecessarily when it comes to related information about your medicines. Make time to discuss with our pharmacists at South Park Family Pharmacy to assist you in availing the medications you’re prescribed with. Our team is friendly, experienced, and licensed. You can trust us to supply you with reliable information for your overall health and well-being.

If you want to know how else we’re serving you, do visit our website at www.southparkfamilypharmacy.com. We would also love to answer medicine-related questions for you. Feel free to call us at 336-293-4755.


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