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7 Tips: What Every Parent Needs to Know About Vaccines

7 Tips What Every Parent Needs to Know About Vaccines

Why shouldn’t you miss your child’s vaccination schedule? If you care about how to protect your baby while traveling, playing, or bathing, then you would care about their vaccination. There are illnesses that can be fatal to a child but can be prevented with vaccines.

As a parent, your child’s best interests are always on top of your mind. At South Park Family Pharmacy, we understand this major role you play. That’s why we provide Medication Management in North Carolina for your child’s immunization monitoring. With regards to vaccines, here are seven things you must know:

  1. Vaccines are age-specific.

    Every age has specific vaccine information. In fact, there are vaccines for children since birth up to 18 years old. To know the correct vaccine information for your child’s age, ask our board-certified pharmacists.

  2. Vaccines are required by some schools.

    Children are easily infected when other kids their age get sick. Hence, some schools require your child to be vaccinated to prevent a possible infection. Check out your school’s vaccine requirements before your child starts attending their classes.

  3. Vaccines have different purposes and risks.

    As a parent, deciding on what vaccine to use is crucial. It’s prudent for you to study about it, learn its purpose, dosage, and risks. We have Pharmacy Services that support this need. Feel free to inquire from our friendly staff at South Park Family Pharmacy.

  4. Vaccines can be popular.

    One way to know the vaccine’s effectiveness is to take note of statistics. How much in the population of children or teens are taking such vaccine? The higher the population taking the medication, the safer it is.

  5. Vaccination follows a schedule.

    Your child can’t just be vaccinated anytime. You need to know when the appropriate time for your kid to receive the immunization. Know what you need to do before, during, and after vaccination.

  6. Vaccines may be affected by your travel plans.

    If ever you’re bringing your family out of the country for a long period of time, their vaccination schedule may be affected. Ensure that your trip won’t hit this schedule. If the immunization schedule is hit, make sure to get your pediatrician’s advice on the best alternative while you’re away.

  7. Vaccines treat certain diseases.

    Vaccines don’t prevent all kinds of diseases. But they keep your child away from known illnesses that are fatally known for children. Be informed about these diseases. You’ll have peace of mind in bringing your child anywhere when they’re protected as they should be.

Sure, there are plenty of challenges that parent like you face. But keeping your child away from vaccine-preventable diseases is one you can take charge of. Go and take charge of your child’s health with the best that you can. Call us at South Park Family Pharmacy for any inquiries you have regarding your child’s upcoming vaccination schedule. Keep in touch with us at 336-293-4755. You can also email us at southparkrxrefill@outlook.com.


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